Friday, October 17, 2008

Washington D.C.'s New Green Roof and Labyrinth

The World Resources Institute issued a press release on 08 October 2008 that the American Psychological Association (APA) has opened a green roof and labyrinth in Washington, DC.

From the press release:

This collaborative effort is part of our overall mission to create open spaces that heal the body, mind, and spirit,” said Mary Wyatt, executive director of TKF Foundation, the lead funder for the project.

The APA, in their decision to create the green roof and labyrinth, realized the benefits of green roofs, namely reduced air pollution and storm water runoff.

Green roofs are not new to Washington DC. The George Washington University put a green roof on one of its student centers. Additionally, Washington, DC city government has provided over $300,000 to reduce storm water runoff.

Organizations such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and World Resources Institute not only encourage the building of green roofs, but also help with funding and managing the projects. This involvement helps to raise awareness of the value of green roofs, as well their contribution to clean air and water.

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