Monday, October 6, 2008

Interview with Atkins, Part II

This is the second part of the my interview with Atkins regarding the Songjiang resort complex, in Songjiang, China, near Shanghai. Read Part I here, and the original post ("China's Green Resort) here. Many thanks to Atkins for their time and cooperation with this interview.

Assuming the overall project is successful, does Atkins expect other Chinese hotels to use green roofs or event to remodel existing structures to promote cleaner air?
This depends on the context and location. Green roofs have their use and place but not in all situations. However it is our intention to promote green issues in hotel design in appropriate forms in all our projects.

What are the risks to this project? Specifically, are the current global credit situation or the cost of oil creating stress on the project?
Risks are that the budgets may be reduced and thus reduce the sustainability elements in this particular project. However certain features such as the green roof are an integral part of the design and cannot be omitted.

Outside of the Shimao, who are the key stakeholders in the project?
Shimao are the developers. They are currently negotiating with the prospective hotel operators. At the moment, the operator’s identity is confidential.

Has this project inspired inquiries by other hoteliers to create their own Songjiang-type hotels?
Yes we have had inquiries from a number of developers/operators in China as a result of this success. Some have specifically requested for sustainable content within their concepts.

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