Thursday, October 2, 2008

Green Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio, in the American heartland, is aiming to become a leader in both commercial and residential green roofs.

In an Associate Press story, found on CBS News,

"The City Council on Wednesday became the first in Ohio with a plan to channel grants and loans to residents and businesses to replace tar and shingles with vegetation."

The City Council has recognized the benefits of green roofs, namely storm water runoff management, reduced fine particulate matter air pollution, as well as reducing the urban heat island effect.

The article points out the "how" of how to manage the increased costs of green roofs. Specifically,

"About $5 million a year in below-market-rate loans through the U.S. EPA Clean Water State Revolving Fund will be available starting in 2009 for green roof projects, city officials estimate, along with an undetermined amount of grant money from other EPA funds."

Perhaps this project will be commercial focus on the benefits of green roofs and encourage interest. The key to green roof acceptability is commercial viability. Let's hope that increased visibility and proper marketing can drive demand and bring down prices.

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