Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The UK's Greenest Hospital

World Architecture News reports:

Construction has begun on the first phase of the new, £300m Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust (GOSH), which is on target to become the UK’s ‘greenest’ medical building to date.

GOSH sought to have the building be a leader in sustainable development and includes many green components. Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

Working with the architectural firm of Llewelyn Davies Yeang (LDY), GOSH is estimated to reduce about 20,000 tons of CO² annually. This reduction is also part of "...GOSH’s targets of a 120% carbon reduction and 60+ per cent renewable energy contribution by 2016, when Phase 2 of the project is due to complete."

LDY is noted as being a "deep green" design firm, with projects in over 15 countries. Not only do they design building with green components but also develop "eco design strategies" for their clients.

The building will include glazed glass panels to bring in a significant amount of natural, while also deflecting the heat from the increased amount of light. The building will also include significant amounts of natural ventilation, reducing the HVAC loads typical in buildings of this size (30,000 sq m). While the picture appears to show a green roof, I haven't been able to find supporting documentation. However, it would be consistent with LDY to have a green roof, as they have included them on many of their projects. Further, a green roof on a hospital would provide a peaceful respite from the stress of medical care, as well as further reducing HVAC costs. Cheap? No. 100% Free. Trade stocks for free on The Free Trading Community.

The growth and renovation of this hospital is due in part to a generous donation of £15 million donation from the Aditya and Megha Mittal family.

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