Friday, April 17, 2009

Bill Gates' Green Roof

For many, Bill Gates is a man they love to hate. Yet the Microsoft founder, and yes, philanthropist, has put an enormous green roof on the garage of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HQ.

Its not just any green roof. In the style befitting the world's richest man, it is the biggest green roof in all of Seattle. It covers 60,000 sq ft.

According to, which is the primary source for this article, both the garage and headquarters building are seeking LEED gold certification.

In a press release from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the green roof, once fully established, will sustain itself via rain water. Additionally, the foundation campus will use rain water and other non-potable water for irrigation and other purposes. Discover Top Rated Mighty Leaf Herbal Tea. Tea lovers love our delicious herbal tea blends. You will too. Save 25% on your first order!

The structure was designed by NBBJ, and the campus will be built by Sellen Construction.

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liquid roof said...

Green Roofing is a very costly thing to do. Any ways thanks for the Press release.

WRGII said...

Green roofs do have a higher cost to build than traditional roofs, however, they do reduce HVAC costs by 20-30%, and reduce storm water runoff.