Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Canada's Largest Green Roof is in Vancouver

World Architecture News reports:

...Vancouver Convention Centre West, ... with 6 acres of green roof it boasts the largest in Canada, and the largest non-industrial green roof in North America. This combined with many other eco-measures is set to help the project achieve LEED Canada Gold certification.

The green roof itself is a thing of great beauty and purpose. According to the article, there are "...400,000 indigenous plants and grasses,..." Additionally, a roof this size helps to control heating and cooling costs, as well as reducing air pollution. Discover Top Rated Mighty Leaf Herbal Tea. Tea lovers love our delicious herbal tea blends. You will too. Save 25% on your first order!

This is not a beautiful project, but also allows Vancouver's green roof credentials to take root. While the city boasts the Centre for Architectural Ecology - Collaborations in Green Roofs and Living Walls, the Convention Center will also create habitat for marine life, as well as improve the shoreline.

While the green roof is the most obvious "green" feature of the structure, it also uses the most advanced in green technologies. There is a significant waste water recycling. Heating and cooling is aided by using a heat pump system, "...that takes advantage of the constant temperature of adjacent seawater,..." and uses window placement for lighting. Water Barrels and Storage The Convention Centre's expansion was designed to be "...used as a hub to support 7,000 media during the XXI Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games."

The design and architectural work was done by Architects LMN and Vancouver-based Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership as well as DA Architects & Planners.

This beautiful new addition will also serve to provide Vancouver with the opportunity to compete with Toronto for the World Green Roof Congress in the years to come. Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

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