Monday, July 13, 2009

Ireland's Green Roofs Videos

Ireland is one of the world's greenest countries, at least in terms of flora and fauna. However, Ireland is also the home of ancient and modern green roofs.

Long before China, Chicago, or New York put green roofs on buildings, the Irish had done it in Newgrange. Newgrange, is home of a megalithic burial site, a mound that covers about an acre, covered with a green roof. The site was thought to be built around 32oo BC, and is typical of other mound sites throughout the world, all of which have green roofs. Free Shipping on any purchase over $25

What has Newgrange to do with modern green roofs in Ireland? Everything! Historically, Ireland's agrarian culture and temperate climate has created in its populace a love of the land and local environment. It should come as no surprise then, that "...Miles Sampson, a County Clare-based architect specializing in sustainable homes," has created a very green home in Ireland, with a series of green roofs. Click here for the lowest available Air France fares.

According to Matt Hickman at Mother Nature Network,

"The building of one of his low-energy homes, a “Geomorphological House,” in the rural west of Ireland has been captured on film and even if you aren’t intrigued by the home’s various green features (grass sod roof, vacuum tube solar panels, recycled newspaper insulation, heat recovery ventilation system, etc.)."

To highlight his design, videos were made describing their features and construction. They are quite enjoyable! Please enjoy the videos of this great house with green roofs in Ireland!

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