Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Roof Supplier, LiveRoof

You can't have a green roof without the, well, green. LiveRoof is a supplier of the plant life that goes on green roofs.

LiveRoof selects plants to suit the regions for which they will go, and then uses a network of regional growers to provide the appropriate plants. Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

According to Jeff Geoghan's Lancaster PA real estate blog,
The plants are selected based on their water retention, heat resistance, growth height and other factors. Plants used fall into the "sedum" category. Paul (Cook) explained how the plants take approximately 3 months to fully grow once the order for a roof system has been placed.

Sedum are plants with very shallow roots and part of a group of plants known as succulents. Succulents will consume and hold large amounts of rain water, and the green roof substrate will retain much of what is left over, reducing storm water runoff. $10 Off All Online Flower Orders. Over 75,000 florists world-wide offering same-day flower delivery at a discount.

Another nice thing about LiveRoof is that home owners can install the roof themselves. LiveRoof provides a video to help. I would suggest that you find out how much weight your roof can sustain per square foot and if any additional bracing is required to install the green roof. Free Shipping on any purchase over $25

LiveRoof, via ActiveRain says, "The system itself runs about $12 per square foot on average for a residential installation. So, if you have a 20x20 roof its 400 square feet or $4,800." While this is a readily accessible solution for home owners, make sure the roof is properly prepared with a water barrier, etc before you purchase and install the system.

Thanks to my twitter friend @lancasterhomes for the story.

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