Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Roofs at Airports

Although I have written about the green roof Kloten (Zurich) International Airport Dock E, I was thinking about a different type of green roof. What if there were green roofs on jet ways?

As I taxied to the gate in Boston, I thought about how hot, cold, or muggy the jet way would be. It is rare, at least in the U.S. airports that I have traveled through that jet ways were comfortable. Air France offers free stopovers in Paris.

So, what if they outfitted jet ways with green roofs? The would immediately be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and would help with storm water runoff.

While retrofitting existing jet ways with green roofs is probably infeasible, it may more realistic with new jet ways. Designer cards at

Just a thought for all of you airport managers out there.

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Joost Hoogstrate said...

Jet ways with green roof! That’s a great idea William. Cities are becoming more crowded and polluted. We need to think of ways to reduce air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and a whole lot of other pollutions in the list. Innovative initiates would surely make a difference in the long run as we in believe.

Good idea!
Joost Hoogstrate

Home Inspection Tampa said...

It is a great idea to have green roofs ...why tax a good cause?More green..more you are free from pollution isn't it?