Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Video on Reducing Urban Heat Islands has posted a great video, which I have embedded below, about the green roof at Silvercup Studios in New York City.

The green roof is not only providing benefits such as reducing the urban heat island effect and reducing storm water runoff, but it is also a test bed and research station. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 at

The green roof, according to LINYC, was installed in the summer of 2005. From the article:

"A matrix of 1,500 planters will have 20 different species of plants intended to show off their red, yellow and green colors, visible from the Queensboro Bridge when in full bloom. The carefully selected plants and soil - engineered to weigh only a fifth as much as typical dirt - help clean the air and absorb rain that would otherwise become storm-water runoff. And when many of them are clustered together, green roofs can reduce the urban heat island effect (densely populated cities tend to be hotter than surrounding areas because of the heat-trapping properties of tall buildings, asphalt and concrete)."

Enjoy the video!

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