Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Korea's New Green Addition

World Architecture News.com has a great article about a new, planned city in Korea that incorporates green roofs.

From the article:

"The $185million Chung Nam Provincial Office and Park will be situated approximately two hours drive south of Seoul and will be central to a newly planned city in the heart of the Korean ‘breadbasket’ rural area."

The project was won by two teams, John Reed Architecture and Mooyoung Architects and Engineers and Field Operations. John Reed Architecture has several projects that combine green roofs with other natural features. $20 Off AeroGardens

The new city is to resemble ancient Korean cities, as the buildings represent mountains, typical of the landscape. From the article,

"This 102,300 sq m administrative center, designed by john reed architecture celebrates Baekje Culture through a number of architectural and landscape design themes... Green roofs will combine with Photovoltaic panels providing both pleasing aesthetics and sustainable satisfaction. The project is slated for completion in 2012."

John Reed Architecture has other Korean projects with green building techniques. One is Sewoon District Four, Chuncheon G5, and Haeundae Spa. More information is available at the architect's web site.

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