Monday, May 4, 2009

Australia's First Carbon Neutral Office Building reports that Australia is building a four story, carbon neutral building. What makes this building unique is not its green roof, but rather, all of the building's power needs are met by non-carbon sources.

Additionally, the power generated in excess of its needs will eliminate the carbon emissions used in construction. Go Green and SAVE at Eco Friendly Power Tools & More.

The developer, Grocon, notes,

"Any carbon emissions used in the building’s ongoing operation will be offset by renewable energy from large photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof as well as wind turbines,” says Daniel Grollo, Grocon’s CEO.

Approximately 75% of the roof surface will be dedicated to a green roof. The green roof will be made up of simple grasses. Additionally, the green roof will help capture rain water for the building itself, as well as reducing storm water runoff. The building also includes a gray-water treatment capability, using a reed bed system. Hydroponic garden

This building may be a economical model for future construction, as it uses many traditional building materials, such as concrete, heat pumps, and "...reasonably traditional commercial building materials."


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