Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Matter of Taste

Allow me to begin with the following, I am not an architect, designer, or building professional, nor do I question the competence of those who are.

That said, I when I saw the editorial from World Architecture News about the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, I was less than excited about the design.

Although the building is um, striking, I fail to see the connection between the exterior of the building and the storied history of Porsche.

The architects, Delugan Meissi Associated Architects disagree with me and state (from the WAN editorial),

"The exterior is simultaneously engaging and appropriately reflective of the stature and confidence of the brand. Textural surface alterations and varying levels and angles offer a structural complexity reflecting the manufacture of a well-oiled machine, while slashes of glazing allow the building to shine outwardly and beckon passers-by inside, further lured by a gently sloped ramp towards the entrance."

OK, well, to me it looks awkward and lacks to beautiful lines and curves that Porsche is known for. Additionally, it fails to take advantage of the huge flat roof surface for a green roof. Not that my requirements are of any significance to Porsche. I must admit, however, that the interior offers an excellent space to show off these beauties!

You be the judge on the exterior, as these are the photos of the museum.

A Porsche on blocks??

This looks a little more like the whale-tale on the older 911s, just not as tidy.

Can you image how beautiful this would look with simple sedum? It wouldn't have to be a wild-looking grass roof, just a short and simple green roof. I wonder if there are "racing green" colored plants or even plants in the Porsche logo?

This view reminds me of Boba Fett's ship from Star Wars. See what I mean?

While I don't wish to be overly critical, nor to impose my view of the world on anybody, I do wish Porsche could have found used a design more fitting to the Porsche brand. However, if they are committed to this design, perhaps they can investigate using a green roof instead of the bland island of white space. That's just my opinion.

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