Monday, February 9, 2009

A Green Roof in Cape Town

While green roofs have really taken off in Chicago, China, Germany, and San Francisco, they haven't seen as much growth in Africa, until now. reports:

The Cape Town International Convention Centre and the South African government are at an advanced stage of negotiations on a partnership to expand the hugely successful conference and expo venue, and in the process to create "the greenest building in South Africa".

Although South African continues to struggle with crime and economic issues, they are have taken a big step in improving the "greeness" of their buildings, but public and private.

In this particular project, "... would be built to requirements set by the Green Building Council of South Africa. It would be designed to use 40% less energy per square metre than the present CTICC, consume 95% less potable water, and produce 25% less waste to landfill."

What would any post on blog be without a green roof comment? The CTICC will have a green roof! The South African climate in general, and Cape Town in specific, is an excellent environment for a green roof. The cooling effect and storm water management capabilities add tremendous value to this building.

Not only does this project bring positive environmental value to buildings and area, it also brings jobs and revenue. "...the project would result in direct spending in Cape Town of R2.27-billion over an anticipated three years of construction," and "...513 "direct jobs" and 720 "indirect jobs" would be created in 2012, increasing to 1 276 direct jobs and 1 892 indirect jobs by 2018."

As more green roof projects become reported in Africa, I will report them here. Best wishes to Cape Town and their CTICC project!

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