Tuesday, July 8, 2008

India Uses Green Roof at New Chennai Airport

India, with its ever growing population and expanding economy is no stranger to air pollution.

In its many great cities, the air is heavy with fine particulate matter and the storm water runoff is polluted. However, flat green roof technology is being used to help remedy these issues!

For its new airport in Chennai, their will be several green features, including a very large indoor garden.

Additionally, according to Architectural Record,

"A parking garage with a green roof will create what the designers describe as a “green gate” to the terminal. “The folding geometry of the green roof captures and directs rain water during the rain season to the elliptical openings in the roof, creating shimmering ‘rain curtains’ as the water falls through the garage to cisterns below. This stored water is later used during the dry season to irrigate the green roof and maximize the site’s sustainable resources.”

This is certainly a good thing for the city of Chennai, as well as the air around the airport. Flat green roofs will improve the aesthetic of the city, as well as the quality of the air.

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