Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Roofs for Homes

Green roofs aren't just for commercial buildings, but rather for every building that can sustain one. The really good things about green roofs apply to homes, just as they do to other buildings. They reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce storm water runoff, and also reduce air pollution.

I found some basic instructions and images at Natural Life Network

Here they are:

Simple Design Overview

The basic design and construction of a green roof can be quite simple and inexpensive. Given the additional loads that a green roof requires engineering will be required to ensure the correct level of support structure. The basic design of a green roof is as follows:

  1. Plywood layer on top of roof trusses or joists (some slope is required for drainage, too much slope may be difficult to cultivate due to erosion).
  2. Apply a synthetic rubber membrane on top of the plywood roofing structure. Up to this point you have basically created a common industrial roof.
  3. In order to retain the soil the roof must provide a containing edge from four to eight inches high, also covered by synthetic rubber. Don't forget to leave some drainage scuppers.
  4. Once the base roof water proofing system is in place the additional green roof components can be added when ready.
  5. The first layer of the green roof is typically a foundation membrane (a dimpled "Delta" membrane or something similar that can catch and retain some water in the little cups.
  6. Add a landscaping root barrier membrane. Apply the all membranes from bottom to top and ensure layers overlap with upper (higher) layers on top of lower layers. (The same way you shingle a house).
  7. Around the drainage zones create a drainage area as you would around the foundations of a house, with gravel and drainage tubing.
  8. Fill in with soil from four to six inches.
  9. Use straw mats tucked under the soil to reduce erosion as the soil begins to grow plants in it.

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