Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Mexico Highlands University's Green Roof

Diamond and Schmitt Architects
New Mexico Highland University, in Las Vegas, NM, was in need a of new student center built with sustainable building technology.

According to the NMHU, an "...outdated and nonfunctional Mortimer Hall..." was demolished to make room for the new student center, complete with a green roof.

The building, said NMHU president Jim Fries, "...will be a center of activity for our campus,” Fries said. “It will offer new amenities that will enhance the quality of campus life for our growing student body.”

The Canadian architectural firm, Diamond and Schmitt, partnered with the Albuquerque, NM firm, Studio Southwest, to design and build this 65,000 square foot, 3-story building.

It includes, "...a dining facility for the residence halls, a flexible theater space, student service offices for Campus Life and Housing, computer lab, game room, multicultural conference space, ballroom, campus bookstore, campus post office, café, copy center, and an executive boardroom for campus governance groups.  A skywalk will connect the student center to the Donnelly Library."

In addition to a green roof, the building, which hopefully will attain LEED Silver, include the use of geothermal energy, high efficiency lighting, rain collection, renewable wood, and high R-value insulation.

Costs were estimated at $18 million and construction completion is scheduled for 2011.


Slonek Air Conditioning said...

Green roofs are a real good concept and should be evolved over the years.There is a decrease in greenery due to cutting down of trees and building tall heights...green could be easily rebuilt if all of us pay attention towards it.

Steve said...

It is so great to see that universities are trying to "go green!" Thanks for posting this.

Armor Roofing Nashville said...

I really think this is the future of roofing. anything getting us closer to symbiotic earth and home relationships with power and energy is where its really going.

Orleans Ontario Roofing said...

The way it's going i can see myself laying sod soon not shingles. Great post again.

Sammy Parker said...

College campuses are a great place to "install" (or is it plant) a green roof. The students are our future and what better way for them to learn about green roofs than to actually live and study around them.