Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green Roofs for Virginia Tech

Recognized as a top engineering university, Virginia Tech also has green roofs!

The most recent issue of Virginia Tech Magazine, has an article about VT alumni who are leaders in sustainability. However, the first graphic is of students planting a green roof between Seitz and Fralin Halls. The picture, seen left, shows the planting of sedum, known to be drought resistant and sequesters CO2, while other potential plant life releases CO2 during its life cycle.

The other green roof on the Blacksburg campus is the Fralin Life Sciences building.

As a reminder, several colleges and universities have buildings with green roofs. Those include George Washington University, and the University of Texas, to name two.

Go Hokies!


Karli said...

Don't forget Cornell! The campus store is underground with sod on top, Mann Library has an inhabitable green roof that was designed and installed by landscape architecture students, Weill Hall has extensive roofing and the entire "ground plane" is an intensive roof as well!

You should check it out!

WRGII said...

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out!!