Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Roof in Lima, Peru

In my previous posts, I have discussed green roofs from all parts of the world, though there has been a strong emphasis on China. Part of this emphasis has been that China is in desperate need of cleaner air, and there appears to be a desire to build more sustainable buildings. $20 Off AeroGardens

However, there are wonderful examples of green roofs throughout the world. This post's example comes from Lima, Peru. According to, the picture at the top left is of the LarcoMar commercial center. What looks like just a city park is actually an extensive green roof. LarcoMar is a very popular tourist destination built into the cliffs that bound the Pacific Ocean. It is also home to very high-end retail. Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts

So, if you are Lima and looking for that new Versace bag, stop by and see the beauty of this great green roof!

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|P6| StOnNy said...

hi all, well, im from Lima, and i´m very interested in green roofs. and i never thought about larcomar as a green roof project. why? because in the time when it was built, there was some controversy. there was actually a park, and neightbors didnt want to change their park to a commercial center.
so, they concern a way to keep both, the park and the commercial center.
i think they had a minimal idea about what they were doing, was a green roof.
in fact, you can see 3 huge "pipes" (chimenea) raising from the park.