Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modern Green Roof Saves an Ancient Structure

What do you do when you find an ancient city (5000 years old) and need to protect it?

In the 1930s, after realizing the value of the Skara Brae site (found in 1850) put a glass roof over the best preserved structure. Thinking that glass would protect to carvings inside, as well as allow easy viewing actually led to more problems.

Historic Scotland
, the group that maintains Skara Brae as World Heritage Site, decided to take action. Working with Flat Roof Design & Technology (FDT), a 30 sq. meter green roof was built. A green roof was chosen because it prevented sunlight from entering the structure, as well as maintaining a fairly constant temperature and humidity. FDT's Rhepanol hg is the membrane that protects the inside of the buildings from water, sand, and other natural hazards.

In addition to the protection of the carvings and the structures themselves, the green roof also blends the site naturally into the surround landscape. This visual enhancement encourages tourists to visit not just for historic significance, but also for the surrounding beauty.

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