Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cleaner Air For Cities

The air quality of the world's largest cities is a tragedy. If you are among the many people who believe there has to be a cost-effective, sustainable, and relatively simple way to have cleaner air in cities, you have come to right place. People since the Babylonians have enjoyed both the aesthetic value and positive environmental qualities of green roofs. In the simplest terms, a green roof is a roof that has plant life on it. The plant life helps to cool structures, capture stormwater (reducing runoff), as well as reducing carbon dioxide from the air. Additionally, the plant life on the green roof can help remove particulate matter from the air.

In recent years, as fears of climate change have reached a fever pitch, many have looked to the cost-effective proposition of green roofs. This blog seeks to study and promote the concept of green roofs, as well as adding to the literature and science.


Ross said...

You are right, we have to explore and utilise green roofs in order to improve conditions in cities and towns. Even apart from the health benefits - they just look better than empty roofs!

x said...

may I ask which building is this in the photo?